Dispute Boards: More Than Resolving Disputes (May 2017)

Recognizing the need to find alternatives to the costly and slow adversarial litigation process, Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) incorporates the dispute resolution concepts of negotiation, mediation and arbitration in a manner that encourages the speedy, less expensive and voluntary resolution of construction disputes. Another process in the dispute resolution continuum, lesser known in Canada but popular elsewhere, is dispute boards. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a brief introduction to the different types of dispute boards, and describe how they can be used to both avoid and resolve disputes. Download PDF


Naming of Subcontractors and Suppliers (January 2015)

Canadian Construction Association supports the principle of bidders naming major subcontractors and suppliers in their bids. The purpose of this bulletin is to provide recommended best practices that are acceptable to all parties. Download PDF


e-Bonds: The State of the Art (October 2014)

Over the last several years alternatives have emerged that allow contractors and subcontractors to have bid bonds issued and delivered in an electronic form along with an electronic bid. Download PDF