Corporate Social Responsibility

CCA CSR Policy Statement

Canadian Construction Association (CCA) recognizes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a rapidly evolving issue and affects companies differently depending on their size, location and specialization. CCA recognizes the importance of CSR, and encourages companies to voluntarily undertake initiatives that enable them to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.


CSR Taskforce

CCA, through the CCA Business and Market Development Committee, established a CSR taskforce to examine the significance and application of CSR in the construction industry. The taskforce is currently considering the development of educational resources in this area. Further information will become available soon.

CSR: State of Play in the Construction Industry

CSR: State of Play in the Construction Industry (PDF)



Government of Canada Resources

The purpose of this webpage is to display educational content on CSR. No part of it constitutes professional advice, and CCA does not accept any responsibility or liability for loss or damage that may result from its interpretation and use. The display of this content does not represent an endorsement of it or any part of it by CCA.