Focus on CSR: How to Get Started on CSR?

No two companies are the same when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Every company has a different starting point and different opportunities for pursuing CSR. It is also a fact that every company already has CSR practices in place, so no company ever starts from scratch on CSR.
This section will give you a few quick-start ideas to take things further, wherever you are. It focuses on the “how”. The following section provides a comprehensive list of possible industry CSR practices you can use to inform your next steps. In other words, the “what”.
Here are some ideas to take your CSR efforts to the next level.

Step One

Get a small staff group together to kick-off your CSR project. Make sure senior management is involved, engaged and active in the committee’s work. The CSR working
group will provide employees with a forum, format and direct evidence that the company is committed to CSR, kind of like the safety committee.

Step Two

Go through the CSR checklist as a team and see where you have good practices already. Write those up as a summary or case study and share it with your staff or post it to your website. Stories of CSR in action are very motivating to staff and help communicate your company values and positive impacts.

Step Three

Look at the remaining ideas and agree on a few things you want to tackle next. What will get staff fired up and engaged? Are there low-hanging fruit? Quick wins? Creating early success will be energizing and help build buy-in and excitement in the company. Find one or two projects that everyone can work on together and champion.

Step Four

Implement the CSR project as you would any other. Afterwards, write up your successes and share them internally and externally.

Step Five

The CSR working group can meet regularly to keep everything on track, and identify future projects from the CSR Checklist or other ideas you have, to keep things going. For companies that want to formalize their CSR efforts into a business strategy, check out
Appendix C: How to Build a Detailed CSR Strategy.

To learn more, download Corporate Social Responsibility in the Canadian Construction Sector: A Practical Guide to CSR from the Member login section.