No Seal No Deal

No Seal No DealCopyright seals are to be used with CCA contracts.
If you are planning on signing a CCA contract, make sure you have ALL THE FACTS.



What Is a CCA Copyright Seal?

It is a 1×2½ – inch adhesive-backed paper decal with the copyright message, a CCA contract number and contract year. Each CCA contract has its own copyright seal. The seal’s colour corresponds to the cover of the contract.


When Should I Use a CCA Copyright Seal?

All executed/signed CCA contracts must be affixed with a copyright seal. The absence of the copyright seal constitutes an illegal use of a CCA contract. Only sign a CCA contract if the cover bears a copyright seal.


How Many Copyright Seal Do I Need to Purchase?

Each signed copy must have a copyright seal. For example, if there are three copies to be executed (one for the contractor, one for the owner and one for the consultant), each copy must first have a copyright seal attached to it before signed.


Can I Photocopy a CCA Contract for My Files without Using a Copyright Seal?



Where Should I Place the Copyright Seal?

A copyright seal must be affixed to the front page of the contract.


Why Do I Have to Use a CCA Copyright Seal?

All revenues from the sales of CCA contracts and copyright seals are used in the development of new documents and maintenance of existing documents.
The use of a copyright seal demonstrates that the CCA contract is authentic, accurate and unamended except for any additions or modifications in supplementary conditions.


Where Can I Purchase CCA Copyright Seals?

See the Where to Buy page.