Mould Information

Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is proud to release CCA 82 - Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry. The guide offers practical advice on mould-related issues (legal, insurance, and health considerations).  It also offers helpful information on how to minimize mould, identify and measure it, and step-by-step instructions on remediation.

This guide is available for download here.

Mould is issue of serious concern for contractors in Canada. Although not conclusively proven, there is some evidence to suggest that certain types of mould growth are linked to a range of health ailments, including allergic reactions, toxic and irritative effects, and in the most extreme case, possibly death. As a result, there has been a growing tendency for homeowners and building owners to pursue legal action against contractors and other parties when mould is discovered. In the United States, lawsuits have resulted in several cases where contractors have been found liable, and have been required to pay large sums in damages to building and home owners. Although there has not been as great a frequency of such cases in Canada, the number of lawsuits involving mould is growing.

There are currently no national standards that dictate the rights or responsibilities of a contractor with respect to mould. There are several voluntary guidelines that have been drafted by certain jurisdictions, but these are not recognized from a national standpoint. Therefore, in order to address this lack of a national guideline, CCA created a Mould Task Force to create national guidelines regarding mould.