Energy Use and Related Data: Canadian Construction Industry 1990 – 2015 (February 2017)

This report was prepared for the Canadian Construction Association and the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation, a program of the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada, to document data availability on the construction industry in Canada, to present trends in energy and greenhouse gas emissions and to explain weaknesses in existing data. Download fact sheet PDF or download report PDF


Defence Construction Canada Announces Launch of Next Phase of Its e-procurement Solution (July 2016)

Starting in August 2016, Defence Construction Canada (DCC) will begin accepting online electronic bids (e-bids) for tenders that require bid security, using the service provider MERX, an independent private sector tendering service. E-bids for tenders that do not require bid security are already accepted. Following successful pilots with the Canadian Construction Association and the Surety Association of Canada, DCC adopted the online electronic bidding capability as a way to enhance industry access and allow the corporation to manage the tendering process more accurately and efficiently from beginning to end. Download PDF


Canadian Chamber of Commerce: The Infrastructure that Matters Most (June 2016)

What follows is an argument for enhanced trade infrastructure investment, not simply as a “nice to have” when we get around to it but as a “must-have” before it is too late. It is a reminder of the fundamental connection of our economic well-being as a country to this category of transportation infrastructure that enables the movement of products, services and people to key markets around the world. Download PDF


Standardization of Construction Specifications and Contract Language A Better Deal for Taxpayers (June 2016)

In order to provide effective infrastructure, public owners need to achieve efficiencies to capitalize on the funding that is available.One way to achieve this goal is to embrace the inherent efficiencies of standardized specifications and standard contract language. Download PDF


CCA’s Summary Brochure of the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (January 2016)

Investment in Canada’s Infrastructure Has Not Kept Pace with National Needs – It Must!
For over 20 years the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) in collaboration and partnership with many other regional and national stakeholders has been pursuing changes in federal public policy to help modernize our aging infrastructure. Why? Because it is imperative that the general public become educated about the state of Canada’s deteriorating infrastructure and its impact on our economy and by extension our collective quality of life. Download PDF


Mowat Centre: From the Ground Up: The Role of Local Governments in Building Canada’s Economic Infrastructure Network (November 2015)

Commitments by the new Liberal government to make major investments and double federal infrastructure spending provide an excellent platform to address Canada’s infrastructure needs. But the Mowat Centre report concludes that even with higher levels of investment, it is necessary to be strategic and get the most out of each dollar spent. The report advocates for an integrated infrastructure investment approach that ensures a prominent role for municipalities. Currently, there is no consistent strategy or alignment across governments in Canada to support infrastructure planning and investments. Download PDF


Industrial Security Program Guide

Download PDF


Canada West Foundation

Building on Advantage: Improving Canada’s trade infrastructure (2014) Download PDF

At the Intersection The Case for Sustained and Strategic Public Infrastructure Investment (2013) Download PDF


Cost, Quality and Accountability

Public Tendering versus Self-performance for Municipal Infrastructure Delivery in Canada Download PDF