Canadian Construction Innovations

The innovation imperative

The Canadian construction industry consists of over 1.5 million Canadians building a better Canada with new technologies, great ideas and a diverse workforce.

With more than 20 % of the construction workforce retiring over the next decade, the industry is seeking a tech-savvy and creative workforce to build the connected communities of the future.

Along with advances in technology including artificial intelligence, drones and exoskeletons, innovation is occurring in project delivery models. The impact of these changes will be profound leading to reduced waste, increased durability and “smart” facilities that contribute energy.

At the forefront of this movement is the Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI), an independent not-for-profit organization and strategic partner of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). Its mandate is to promote and drive innovation within the industry, integrate technology into initiatives as well as imagine where and how technology could be adopted now and in the future.

CCI enhances industry-wide partnerships for innovation to improve the industry’s productivity, safety, profitability or contribution to building sustainable communities.

Since its inception, 50+ organizations who perform billions of dollars of multi-discipline construction activities have directly contributed to CCI. Together, we are dedicated to industry-driven R&D that addresses industry challenges and barriers to boost modernization through collaboration to position Canadian construction as a global leader in innovation.