Councils and committees

Canadian Construction Association (CCA) maintains several sectoral councils and standing committees to review and develop policy, and make recommendations to the board of directors. In addition, the board recently approved the creation of the Vertical Building Forum to help facilitate discussions of issues relevant to all those contractors engaged in ICI construction.


Vertical Building Forum

The Vertical Building Forum provides general and trade contractors as well as suppliers of products and services with a forum in which to debate and resolve issues of relevance to the ICI sector in a cooperative and integrated manner.



Councils exist to provide contractors and suppliers of services with a forum in which to discuss and debate issues of general interest to their specific sub-sector. The CCA maintains four councils:

  1. General Contractors’ Council
  2. Trade Contractors’ Council 
  3. Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services Council
  4. Civil Infrastructure Council


Standing committees

In addition to councils, CCA maintains several standing committees where issues of broader application to the industry are discussed. Membership on the committees is varied and not confined to board members of one specific construction subsector.

  1. Standard Practices Committee – responsible for the development of policy pertaining to industry standard practices and guides.
  2. Innovation and Technology Committee – responsible for the development of policy and dissemination of information to the board on issues pertaining to the introduction of new technologies and industry innovation.
  3. Business and Market Development Committee – responsible for the development of policy on issues pertaining to human resources, regulatory compliance and business development issues.
  4. Industry Advocacy and Regulatory Affairs Committee – responsible for the development and promotion of industry policy positions on matter of federal legislation and regulation.
  5. Gold Seal Committee – the committee supports and directs the Gold Seal Certification program on behalf of CCA.


Special committees

CCA also has maintains and supports two special committees:

  1. Canadian Design-Build Institute – the committee supports the activities of the CDBI which was established to promote and share industry best practices involved in design-build construction.
  2. Lean Construction Institute of Canada – the committee supports the activities of LCI-Canada which aims to transform the built environment through the development and application of lean tools and techniques throughout the building industry supply chain.


Secretariat services

CCA is also responsible for providing secretariat services to the Canadian Construction Documents Committee who is responsible for the development of industry standard documents as well as to the Canadian Construction Innovations whose vision is to instill a culture of research and innovation in the Canadian construction industry.