We are open to new building and business practices and share this passion for innovation with our members.


One of the goals of our 5-year strategic plan is to promote and drive innovation within the Industry, integrate technology into initiatives as well as imagine where and how technology could be adopted now and in the future. With more than 20 % of the construction workforce retiring over the next decade, we are actively pursuing a tech-savvy and creative workforce to promote innovation and lead the industry of the future.

  • Read about Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI), the not-for-profit organization within CCA dedicated to drive industry-driven R&D that addresses industry challenges and barriers to boost modernization through collaboration to position Canadian construction as a global leader in innovation.
  • Read about CONtact mentorship program designed to spark innovation within the industry by connecting emerging innovators and entrepreneurs with industry experts through mentoring. Apply to become a CONtact mentee or mentor!