Integrated membership

Check to see if your local or provincial construction association is a member of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA). If so, by joining one of these associations as a full member, you automatically become a member of CCA. A percentage of the membership fees that you pay to the local or provincial association will be remitted to CCA to cover our membership fees.


How does CCA work with your construction association?

  • COO Council
    Consisting of the CCA partner association COOs, the council promotes sound, efficient and progressive practices in the administration and management of construction associations, facilitates discussion and promotes a united effort in finding solutions regarding common issues of concern, and stimulates association activities through the sharing and dissemination of ideas, programs and services.
  • COO Connection newsletter
    The COO Connection newsletter is published three times a year, and it features relevant materials from recent meetings and discussions, as well as additional resources, upcoming activities, and a report card to see how the council’s initiatives are progressing.
  • COO Professional Development Forum
    An annual three-day event, the COO Professional Development Forum allows partner association COOs and other staff to learn from experts to better serve their membership. Sessions focus on government and media relations, membership issues and concerns, communications and technology, and industry issues at all levels.
  • Industry summit
    CCA board and the chief elected and chief staff officers (or other designates/alternates) of our partner associations discuss current matters. E.g. the 2015 Industry Summit was dedicated to industry payment and cash flow issues.
  • CCA Tour
    Senior CCA staff and volunteers – generally the CCA president and the CCA chair or one of the other elected officers – meet with partner association boards to discuss current affairs and to learn about local perspectives.
  • Gold Seal Certification program
    A standing committee of CCA, the Gold Seal Certification program provides certification of construction management professionals. CCA partner associations participate in reviewing the applications and the exams are held at their offices. Many associations offer training courses that can be used to meet certification requirements.
  • Training courses
    CCA develops training courses, e.g. the Construction 101 -course for newcomers to the industry, that are delivered by our partner associations.


How is your association represented at the CCA board?

The CCA board, which consists of 80 – 90 members, our executive committee and other councils and committees are comprised of our partner associations’ representatives. This is another way to ensure that CCA’s work matters to you and that we hear about local issues.


Benefits of integrated membership

Advocacy and government relations CCA maintains an active government relations program aimed at elected and non-elected federal officials to ensure they are well educated about issues of importance to Canada’s non-residential construction sector and the impacts that changes in federal policy will have on the industry’s competitiveness. As the national voice of the sector, CCA works with our local and regional partners to ensure that a national policy framework is developed that permits the construction sector in Canada to grow and thrive in a competitive and globalized world. In addition to direct advocacy on national issues, CCA also commissions studies and develops tools to support the advocacy efforts of our partner associations with their provincial and local governments.


Communications CCA helps you keep on top of industry developments with its communications activities. CCA publishes a monthly newsletter, as well as an annual review called the National Voice.

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  • CCA Update (board meeting highlights)
  • Monthly newsletter
  • CCA annual conference notifications


Standard documents and industry guides are developed to assist construction firms in their business practices, whether through saving time and money by using standard contract forms, or through a number of guides related to important industry issues.

These documents are created through a consensus-based approach that is aimed at balancing the interests of all parties involved in construction projects. Recognized for clarity and simplicity of language, they are easily understood by the parties, using terms and expression familiar to the industry.

CCA, through its Standard Practices Committee, the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC), and the Canadian Design-Build Institute (CDBI), develops and publishes a number of critical standard contract documents and industry guides. These documents are sold through our partner associations, while some documents and guides are available free of charge to our members.


CCA’s Annual Conference offers unparalleled opportunities for professional development and networking, as well as social events and some relaxation with friends and family in a spectacular location. Visit for more information on this year’s conference.


Linking to CCA’s website and using CCA’s logo

In case you list your affiliations on your website, please add a link to our website. As a CCA member, you have the right to use the CCA logo on your website or in your collateral/presentations. Contact [email protected] to request our logo.

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