Terms of reference – Construction as employer of choice advisory working group

Official name
Construction as employer of choice advisory working group

Maximum of nine members; one of whom acts as chair.
Maximum of four external – i.e. non-Canadian Construction Association (CCA) members may be nominated.
Staff liaisons: Mary Van Buren, CCA president and Janet Slavin, CCA vice-president, member value

The majority of the committee members are to be chosen from among CCA’s membership, including CCA board members and partner association chief operating officers (COO), who are reflective of the industry and have first-hand experience in diversity and inclusion strategies. They and/or their firms must have demonstrated leadership in advancing diversity or they bring a network or resources to address this issue. Additionally, up to four external, that is non-CCA members may participate to round out the skills and bring an external perspective. More specifically the working group will:

  • Be weighted toward small/medium enterprises;
  • Balance large and smaller communities;
  • Must include at least one general contractor, one trade contractor, one COO and one representative from Quebec;
  • Be social media and marketing savvy;
  • Have knowledge of research and survey development;
  • Have knowledge of recruitment and retention of under-represented groups;
  • Be a champion of diversity and inclusion.

The working group will be an operations committee, advising the CCA President and her staff on the strategy and its advancement.

Nominations will be reviewed by CCA President and CCA chair for final selection.

Term of participation
Two years. The working group will launch its activities in December 2018 and will end them in November 2020 or earlier. Its progress will be reviewed in June 2019 and June 2020.
In June 2020, a determination will be made as to whether to extend the working group and, if so, new terms of reference will be created.

Meeting frequency
A maximum of two face-to-face meetings will be held annually in a central location.
A minimum of two conference calls will be conducted annually.

To create an actionable and achievable strategy that will result in “construction being an employer of choice, attracting a diverse and tech-savvy workforce”:

  1. Deliver a business case for diversity; that outlines the benefits of diversity for a construction firm.
  2. Improve the image of construction as an employer of choice, including developing and issuing a baseline survey to measure current perceptions.
  3. Create visibility for employers who successfully champion diversity and inclusion.


High-level deliverables

Seek nominations & finalize the working group composition October 2018
Meeting with the working group December 2018
Finalize overall strategy, measures, workplan January 2019
Implementation February – December 2018
Progress review June 2019
Progress review and work plan finalization October 2019
Implementation January- December 2019
Progress review and review of working group and terms of reference June 2020
Progress review and work plan finalization October 2020