Quantifying community benefits

Speak to your community involvement for the good of our industry 

The quality of a company’s relationship with the communities where it operates and its efforts in strengthening those local communities can reduce delays during permitting and construction, reduce the risks of local protests during site works, and provide greater acceptance of the completed project.  

Population growth and urbanization in Canada are driving demand for construction to new levels. This growing demand is expected to create pressure on resources essential for the construction industry, such as energy, raw materials, water and human resources. With increasing focus on community and sustainability, Canadians are expecting construction companies to address the social and environmental impacts of what they do.  

For construction firms, knowing where to start to answer the new demands for accountability can be difficult. The construction industry is a generous industry with deep community involvement, and it is time we documented that generosity to help us answer the calls for accountability. 

So, what can you do?  

Start by taking our community benefits survey below. This information will help us tabulate the construction industry’s community involvement on a national level, so we can showcase the industry’s leadership while inspiring others to use their time, money, skills, and passion to help build a better Canada. 

Another way to address the growing concerns is to develop a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. A CSR program can help you take stock of the benefits you are already bringing to your communities as well as give you the direction you need to grow those benefits.