Why belong to CCA?

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is the national voice for the Canadian construction industry. We proudly represent contractors, suppliers, and allied business professionals, working every day to fuel a progressive, innovative, and sustainable future within Canada’s industrial, commercial, institutional, and civil sector.

Whether you are looking to have access to industry information, best practices and professional development opportunities, or increase your organization’s influence through advocacy and leadership, there is a membership for you. 

There is strength in numbers. CCA offers our 18,000 members a national voice on issues impacting the future of construction. We understand the unique landscape of our industry and support our members through two types of membership: Integrated and Corporate.

Integrated membership

Integrated members make up the majority of CCA’s membership. These are firms who have joined any one of CCA’s partner associations. By becoming members of their local or provincial association, they become integrated members at the national level. 

To become an integrated member, please contact your local construction association for more details

Corporate membership

Corporate members are firms who join CCA directly and are renewed on an annual basis. The majority of our corporate members are already integrated members, benefiting from representation locally, provincially and nationally, and are seeking a greater impact at the national level. 

To become a corporate member, please complete the following application

2024 fees

Corporate membership fees are determined based on whether a firm’s yearly construction-related earnings are over or under $10 million. First year’s fees are pro-rated depending on when your application is approved by CCA’s President. 

Category A: 

$1,974+ GST/HST/QST* for companies whose yearly construction-related earnings are less than $10 million

Category AA: 

$3,545 + GST/HST/QST* for companies whose yearly construction-related earnings are $10 million or more

Why join? 

Do you have questions about membership?

Please contact Carly Pagliarello, Manager, Membership at pagliarello@cca-acc.com.