Infrastructure investment

Canada’s infrastructure has been chronically underfunded, leading to a rapid deterioration in our infrastructure, and consequently, our reputation as a reliable commercial partner. 

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We need to move from quick fixes to a strategy that focuses on long-term solutions and value for Canadians. 

An investment in infrastructure is an investment in Canada’s growth economy and the health, safety and well-being of Canadians. From hospitals, schools and roads to warehouses, water plants and highways, the economy needs reliable infrastructure to provide access for Canadians.

As the industry’s national advocate, CCA has been working to help shape a long-term plan for sustainable infrastructure investment. One that is aligned with the current and future needs of provinces, municipalities, and Indigenous communities. One size does not fit all. More consultation and early engagement need to happen. 

With reports that Canada has fallen from 10th to 26th in terms of global trade infrastructure (32nd when it comes to transportation), CCA has been working in partnership with other stakeholders to improve investment in the trade corridor. Scaling up our trade infrastructure will build supply chain capacity, support green innovation and emerging technologies, create transformational jobs, and fuel our global competitiveness. 

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Nearly two-thirds of Canada’s GDP comes from trade, but global competition is ramping up as countries adjust to environmental, political and economic shifts. Bold action is needed now.

Setting national goals around building sustainability into our infrastructure and promoting investments in trade-enabling infrastructure are just two of the significant opportunities for Canada. The funds must be predictable, flow quickly, and be aligned with provincial, municipal, and Indigenous needs.