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The CCA events calendar is only for events organized, hosted or sponsored by CCA member organizations. Events must be submitted through the “submit your event” form and is subject to CCA approval. CCA reserves the right to approve, reject or ask for additional information before posting an event to its calendar. The views and opinions expressed during CCA member organization events are those of the authors of the event and do not reflect the official policy or position of CCA. 

Submissions require an event title, brief description, date and time, location (if applicable), image (if available), and website and contact details for further information. CCA member organizations are to ensure that it has the legal right to use and reproduce any of its trademarks/imagery for use on CCA’s events calendar. CCA member organizations are to be held exclusively accountable for any losses, expenses, liabilities, damages, claims, legal proceedings, actions, judgments and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of CCA’s use of any of the member organization’s trademark/imagery if the incorrect logos, marks or information were provided to CCA.

CCA is not responsible for information that may be incorrect or not updated. Please direct any questions about a specific event to the contact person identified in the posting.