CCA Weekly - March 6, 2012


Government and private sector must work together to meet infrastructure demand

According to a KPMG Global Construction Survey, "lack of leadership by government" and "lack of private sector initiative" emerged as the most significant barriers to infrastructure development in an industry that is facing increasing demand. Read more (PDF)


Canada’s economy grew at slower pace in fourth quarter

The Canadian economy showed signs of revival at the end of last year, a welcome signal that the sharp slowdown of the fall may have been a temporary setback in a slow-moving recovery. Read more

Canada’s dependence on engineering construction will alter labour markets

The growing number of engineering construction projects, as well as their size, is having a significant impact on the Canadian construction industry, and the Canadian economy. Economist Alex Carrick explores how this sector will impact Canadian labour markets as well. Read more


Proposed Changes to Canada’s Immigration System Could Help Construction Industry

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, recently outlined a new vision for Canada’s immigration system; one that could help address labour shortages in the Canadian construction industry. Read more

CCA News

CDBI Seeking Nominations for Annual Award of Excellence

CDBI is now accepting nominations for the 2012 CDBI Award of Excellence. The deadline is April 1, 2012. All CDBI members are encouraged to consider sending in a submission if they feel they have worked on an exceptional design-build project.  More information, and the new Judging Criteria and Scoring Method is posted on the website