CCA Weekly - April 3, 2012

Public-Private Partnerships

P3s Drive the way to Better Infrastructure

While it is hard for some to believe, first cost is no longer king and the emphasis is gradually shifting to infrastructure life-cycle costs. Read more

Lessons Learned: Succeeding with Canadian Public Private Partnerships

On Wednesday April 18, at 2:00 p.m., Export Development Canada (EDC) is hosting a free webcast presentation for companies and governments interested in learning more about the Canadian PPP model, lessons learned, trends and new opportunities. Register here

Innovation and Technology

Building a solution for construction delays

Software developers are trying to find solutions for construction delays, and one western firm has developed a digital solution to automate construction-project planning the way SAP and Oracle revolutionized enterprise planning. Read more


A Strong Year for New Construction Investment Intentions in 2012

Construction has been one of the prime drivers of growth in the economy over the past ten years. There is every prospect – based on the very large inventory of upcoming resource projects that are underway or planned – that construction will continue to be one of the most dynamic components of Canada’s economy over the next ten years as well. Read more

Canadian Construction Association Supports Measures to Eliminate both the Federal and Infrastructure Deficits

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) was pleased to see the federal government announced a number of measures that will address several longstanding issues of concern to the Canadian construction industry, while affirming its long-term commitment to the renewal of Canada’s aging infrastructure. Read more


Construction Sector Council Releases Labour Market Information Reports for Five Provinces

The CSC has released updated Labour Market Information (LMI) reports for Newfoundland/Labrador, PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario to go along with the earlier released reports for B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Read more