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Canadian Construction Association (CCA) is the national voice for the Canadian construction industry representing companies working in all four segments of non-residential construction:

    • Industrial construction (i.e. warehouses, manufacturing plants, oil refineries, smelters, lumber and pulp and paper mills, hydro-electric plant and water treatment facilities);
    • Institutional construction (i.e. schools, hospitals, colleges and universities, as well as other government facilities used to deliver public services);
    • Commercial construction (i.e. banks, restaurants, shopping malls, as well as office buildings and condominiums); and
    • Civil engineering construction (i.e. dams, highways, roads, public transit systems, and the underground infrastructure necessary to remove sewage and deliver water, electricity and telecommunications to our homes and businesses).

In total, CCA represents more than 20,000 members drawn from 64 local and provincial integrated partner associations.

CCA is an association driven by its members. Through their participation in various CCA committees and councils and through representation in our board, our members provide us direction and guidance and give us the mandate to speak out on the issues and concerns affecting them.

Your Industry Needs You

Why become a member? The short answer is because CCA and the industry need you.

Some of CCA’s current priorities as identified by our membership include:

    • Labour supply and training;
    • Infrastructure investment;
    • Awareness of environmental issues;
    • Public-private partnerships (P3s);
    • Increased competition from global/foreign firms; and
    • New technology.

Read more about CCA’s priorities and achievements.

In addition to advancing our members’ interests through our advocacy and government relations efforts, other benefits of CCA membership include:


  • Communications

    CCA helps you keep on top of industry developments with its communications. You can subscribe to them at

    • e-newsletter CCA Weekly
    • CCA Updates (summary of board meetings)
    • CCA’s quarterly newsletter and annual review (mailed directly to all individual member companies)
  • Standards Documents

    CCA helps you simplify the way you conduct business and save time and money with its standard contract documents that are up-to-date, easy to understand and familiar to all parties

  • Industry Guides

    CCA helps you run your business better by providing useful information on a number of topics like project financing, insurance, solid waste reduction, improving cash flow, environmental management planning, exporting to the United States, banking, etc.

  • CCA Events

    CCA helps you take your business and personal efficiency to the next level with training, professional development and networking opportunities

    • CCA’s annual conference offers unparalleled opportunities for professional development and networking, not to forget our social events and some relaxation with friends and family in a spectacular location
    • During the CCA Tour CCA’s chair and president visit local associations to discuss current affairs and to learn about partner associations’ perspectives
    • CCA’s training courses are developed and delivered in co-operation with partner associations and companies
  • CCA Awards

    CCA helps shine light on the extraordinary accomplishments of the people, companies and associations that make up the construction industry in Canada

    • Read more about the 12 categories for these awards presented annually during CCA’s conference. Spread the word, refer colleagues and peers, apply!

How to Become a CCA Member

There are two ways that you can become a member of CCA.

    1. Integrated Member: Check to see if your local or provincial construction association is a member of CCA. If so, by joining one of these associations, you automatically become a member of CCA. A percentage of the membership fees that you pay to the local or provincial association will be remitted to CCA to cover our membership fees.
    2. Corporate Member: CCA corporate membership provides instant acknowledgement by industry members and peers that your firm is a recognized national leader in your sector of the construction industry. Aside from the benefits of being a CCA member, there are additional incentives for choosing a corporate membership.
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Affiliate Associations

CCA’s also works in partnership with a number of affiliate associations. These are for example national associations representing a number for provinces. Unlike Integrated Association Partners, members of CCA’s Affiliate Association Partners don’t become CCA members and CCA membership benefits listed above only apply to the association.
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Join the Canadian Construction Association today to ensure a strong and vibrant construction industry!