Board of Directors

Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) board has a fiduciary responsibility to exercise industry leadership, manage finances with probity, and provide value-added services to the overall membership. The affairs of CCA are governed by the board of directors, elected annually, who are broadly representative of the non-residential construction industry. In order to be eligible to sit on CCA’s board of directors the individual must be an employee, officer or owner of a member firm. The firm must be active in the construction industry and be in good standing with CCA. Meet CCA board members


Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of the five elective officers and the president. The chair may appoint up to eight additional directors. The practice has been to appoint a full complement of members-at-large including the four council chairs and up to four standing committee chairs.

The role of the executive committee is to “conduct the affairs of CCA subject to the approval of the board of directors”. The executive committee is responsible for providing the board of directors with advice and recommendations, and to act as a facilitator in the development of critical board decisions. Meet CCA executive committee members


Governance Committee

The chair appoints a sub-committee of the executive committee to serve as CCA’s governance committee. The committee includes only the elective officers of CCA. The governance committee meets on a regular basis (monthly) with the CCA president to monitor its activities and ensure staff’s progress with the implementation of board decisions.



Management of CCA operations falls within the purview of the CCA president who reports directly to CCA’s governance committee. View a list of CCA staff