Gold Seal candidates must obtain a minimum of 25 construction-related training and education credits, mandatory and safety training included. 

See page 16 of the Gold Seal application guide for detailed requirements.

Mandatory training: Construction Industry Ethics

All applicants must take the mandatory Construction Industry Ethics course. It is worth three Gold Seal credits and is available in either an e-learning or virtual/in-class format.

The Construction Industry Ethics course is offered through CCA’s partner associations across the country. Please contact one of our partner associations for their schedule of upcoming courses and to register.

Designation-specific training 

Excluding specific courses for Forepersons (these are subject areas, not course titles)

Select your designation

Estimator – Total 2 credits

• Measurement of construction work
• Drawings and specifications
• Construction contracts
• Bidding/pricing
• Construction documents
• Regulator codes
• Scheduling
• Communication

Foreperson – Total 7-10 credits

• Construction 101 and beyond (5 credits)
• Leadership for Safety Excellence (2 credits – online, 5 credits – in-person)
– Equivalent for Newfoundland & Labrador applicants: Supervisor Health & Safety (5 credits)
– Equivalent for Ontario applicants: Basics of Supervising (5 credits)

Owner’s Construction Manager – Total 2 credits

• Law and contracts in the construction industry
• Construction planning and scheduling
• Project management
• Project costing/accounting

Project Manager – Total 2 credits

• Law and contracts in the construction industry
• Construction planning and scheduling
• Project management
• Project costing control / accounting

Superintendent – Total 2 credits

• Management of HR in construction
• Construction job site controls
• Planning and scheduling

Optional safety training

Estimators, Forepersons, Owner’s Construction Managers, Project Managers and Superintendents can claim up to 10 credits for safety training (equivalent to 30 hours). There is no credit limit for Safety Practitioners.

Safety training that is a minimum of three hours is automatically Gold Seal accredited.

Examples of the types of training accepted in this category include first aid/CPR, WHMIS, COR, Joint Health and Safety Committee, Working at Heights, Fall Protection, how to operate various equipment, etc.

Where to find courses

CCA’s partner associations help administer and promote the Gold Seal Certification Program. They deliver the mandatory Construction Industry Ethics and Construction 101 and beyond courses, in addition to many other Gold Seal accredited courses. Reach out to one of our partner associations for suggestions on additional courses.

Many applicants obtain additional credits by attending courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences. The Gold Seal Program has accredited such courses, making them automatically eligible for Gold Seal credits.

If you do not find answers to your Gold Seal questions on our website, please contact us at, or 613-236-9455.