Become a CONtact mentor



A CONtact mentor provides guidance in the form of information and knowledge sharing that will enable and assist mentees in developing and refining their product, material or service with the purpose of having their ideas better meet industry needs to accelerate adoption.


Guidance can be provided in the form of offering advice, sharing experiences, and assisting with problem solving. Beyond the initial meeting, mentors may choose at their own discretion to continue the relationship, acting as pilot sites, continuing to provide advice or even funding. Mentors will also provide a safe, trusting, and non-judgmental environment.

Why become a mentor?

There are many reasons to become a mentor, some of which you can find outlined below. The most important is the ability to influence a new generation of solutions in line with the needs of your business and the industry.



Mentoring can be a valuable and rewarding experience for the mentor as well as the mentee. For a modest three-hour commitment, the benefits of becoming a CONtact mentor include:




If travel is required, CONtact may cover the eligible travel costs for a single face-to-face meeting with the mentee in addition to an hourly rate for mentoring.



  • You are an individual currently working in a Canadian construction company;
  • You have over five years of industry experience with a relevant specialization;
  • You are at a senior leadership position (senior manager or above);
  • You possess good listening and sharing skills;
  • You must be able to see the big picture as well as be aware of potential changes within the industry and future trends.

Mentors will be chosen based on their interest and suitability with the mentee’s service or product.

“It was a pleasure for OCA to facilitate the mentorship program for a young entrepreneur with family roots in the construction industry. It was a way of paying it forward for the association and our two industry veterans from RW Tomlinson Group. The mentee was over the moon to have access to valued insights from seasoned industry veterans and to be confident that he had a software application that would be welcomed by heavy construction firms.”
John A. DeVries, President, Ottawa Construction Association


Fine print

  • All mentee applicants must apply online (or be referred to the program by NRC IRAP) before August 30, 2019 to be chosen as a mentee. CCI may decide at its discretion to re-open or extend the deadline.
  • Applicants will be chosen after a careful consideration based on the criteria established by the advisory council.
  • Mentors will be chosen based on their interest and suitability with the mentee.
  • CCI will facilitate only a single one-on-one meeting either in person or virtual.
  • CONtact may cover the eligible travel costs for both mentors and mentees for a single face-to-face meeting.
  • CCA or CCI are not responsible for commercialization of the mentee’s product or service.
  • CCA or CCI do not guarantee funding for the mentee’s product or idea.
  • Once selected, a confidentiality agreement must be signed by participating mentors and mentees.
  • CCA and CCI do not hold any legal responsibility and are not accountable for any dispute arising between the mentor or mentee at the meeting or thereafter.
  • CCA and CCI do not hold any responsibility and are not accountable for any subsequent meetings.
  • CONtact is governed by a CCI/CCA advisory council and all decisions of the council are final.


For additional information on the program, contact, 613-236-9455, ext.438.