• Do I have to become a CCA corporate member to purchase CCA or CCDC standard documents?

    No. Most CCA partner associations that sell CCA and CCDC documents have a member and non-member prices. Contact your local construction association for details on how to become a member. By becoming a full member of any of our integrated partner associations, your company becomes a member of CCA!

  • Will CCA corporate membership provide me access to plansrooms across Canada?

    No, the Canadian Construction Association does not have its own plansroom, nor does CCA corporate membership provide access to CCA partner associations’ plansrooms. To access online plansroom services, you must become a member of the local construction association.

  • When will my company’s corporate membership application be approved?

    The CCA board of directors reviews all corporate member applications. The CCA board meets three times a year. Refer to the Meetings page for the schedule.

  • Who can I contact to discuss CCA membership-related questions?

    You can contact Robin Borne at [email protected] or 613-236-9455, ext. 434.