Exam information

The Gold Seal Certification exam is multiple-choice. There is no guidebook to study, as the exam is experienced-based. Candidates apply the knowledge gained over a minimum of five years experience plus the applicable training and education.

Exams are written at the applicant’s home or office.


  • To be eligible to write the exam, applicants must enroll in the Gold Seal Certification Program and be approved as a Gold Seal Intern (GSI). As a GSI, they have up to five years to meet the requirements, submit their GSC application, and be approved to write the Gold Seal exam.
  • Only applicants with an approved GSC application will be invited to select their exam date and write the exam. 
  • Note that approved and conditionally approved applicants must write the Gold Seal exam within one year of the application approval date. Similarly, those who wish to rewrite the exam must do so within one year from the last attempt. Applicants who do not write within the year will be required to restart the application process.

Exam preparation

  • The exam prep webinar recording is available on our YouTube channel. After watching the webinar, writers can contact the Gold Seal team at goldseal@cca-acc.com with any questions.
  • One week before the exam, the Gold Seal team will send an email confirming the date and time of the exam, as well as the login information to the exam platform.  
  • If writers need to reschedule their exam, they must email goldseal@cca-acc.com.
  • If writers do not attend the exam on the selected date, they must book a rewrite for $125 (plus applicable taxes).

The exam 

  • The exam is available at noon Eastern Time. Applicants requiring accommodation for the exam are invited to speak with the Gold Seal team. The type of accommodation varies and can include, i.e., additional time.
  • The exam features randomized questions and answers. 
  • The Estimator, Foreperson, and Safety Practitioner exams are three hours long, with 150 questions​. 
  • The Owner’s Construction Manager, Project Manager, and Superintendent​ exams are 3.5 hours long, with 180 questions. 
  • The passing mark is 70 per cent and above. Exam marks are final.
  • Writers will receive their exam marks immediately upon completion.
  • GSC certificates are shipped within 3-4 weeks after the exam.
  • Applicants who fail the exam are welcome to book a rewrite using this form for $125. There is no limit to the number of times applicants can rewrite the exam.

If you do not find answers to your Gold Seal questions on our website, please contact us at goldseal@cca-acc.com, or 613-236-9455.