CCA best practices session focuses on recruitment, board engagement and membership models

Close to 40 association staff and volunteer leaders convened at a session organized by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) to exchange best practices in governance at the 2024 CCA Annual Conference.

Moderated by industry experts, the session covered crucial topics, including recruiting volunteers, board effectiveness, revenue generation, and membership dues restructuring. Key takeaways underscored the importance of deliberate strategies for diversity, governance-focused boards, revenue diversification, and flexible membership models.

Summary of key findings:

  • Recruiting and orienting volunteers:
    • Board composition can lack consistency, with varying selection methods and challenges in attracting diverse candidates.
    • Intern programs, targeted recruitment, and governance training for inexperienced candidates are new recruitment and
      orientation strategies to consider.
  • Board effectiveness and engagement:
    • Effective boards focus on governance, support executives, and maintain a high-trust culture.
    • Engagement is fostered through strategic planning, regular evaluations, and structured recruitment processes.
  • Non-member revenue generation:
    • Associations generally have an overreliance on membership dues, emphasizing the importance of revenue diversification.
    • Strategies for revenue diversification include events, sponsorships, government funding, and innovative programs like green initiatives.
  • Membership dues structuring:
    • Membership models and fees vary widely, with simpler structures preferred but proportionality between large and small companies is crucial.
    • Flexibility in fees and benefits attracts diverse members, with phased changes recommended for smoother transitions.

CCA will be including a similar roundtable session at our upcoming 2025 Annual Conference in Quebec City. Topics being considered include a deeper dive into diversity goals, board fatigue, and innovative engagement strategies.

Thanks to all participants for sharing their insights and strengthening collaboration within our industry.