CCA welcomes new corporate member Giatec Scientific Inc.

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) recognizes the value our network of corporate members brings to our association. With their ongoing dedication and support CCA continues to increase awareness of issues impacting the future of the Canadian construction industry.

Giatec® Scientific Inc., a global leader in concrete technology platforms, emerged as an Ottawa startup success and grew into a global force focused on revolutionizing the concrete industry. With the mission of bringing disruptive, knowledge-based, and sustainable technologies to the industry, Giatec has built a reputation for innovation while identifying current challenges and providing ground-breaking solutions to address them. Giatec’s suite of hardware and software products has leveraged advanced technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), including; wireless concrete sensors, mobile apps, and advanced non-destructive technologies (NDT) to drive innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle and reduce concrete’s carbon footprint.

As a prior partner of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), Giatec is proud to announce its new corporate membership as it joins in CCA’s efforts to amplify its influence, collaborating on initiatives that drive forward the twin goals of innovation and sustainability within the construction sector, marking a new era of industry-wide advancement and eco-conscious development.


LinkedIn: @giatec-scientific

Instagram: @giatec_scientific

YouTube: @Giatec1233  

Spotify: The Construction Revolution Podcast

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