Recognizing excellence in construction: Meet the recipients of CCA’s 2023 National Awards

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, March 14, 2024

Sponsored by Northbridge Insurance, CCA’s National Awards ceremony was held on March 14, 2024 in conjunction with the Annual Conference in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. From innovation and environmental achievement to community leadership, world-class safety and workforce excellence, the recipients represent the industry’s best and brightest.

Congratulations to the following individuals, companies, or associations for their exceptional contributions to the Canadian construction industry.

Ledcor Group of Companies, CCA 2023 Community Leader Award – sponsored by Marsh Canada Limited.

Ledcor has been named one of two recipients of CCA’s Community Leader Award! The collective mission shared by Ledcor’s employees is encapsulated in the phrase “Ledcor Cares,” a testament to their commitment to community well-being and making a positive impact.

Vancouver Island Construction Association, CCA 2023 Community Leader Award – sponsored by Marsh Canada Limited.

Emerging as a central force addressing substance use and overdose deaths with a groundbreaking toolkit, VICA has been named one of two recipients of CCA’s Community Leader Award!

Giatec, CCA 2023 Environmental Achievement Award – sponsored by Victaulic.

Giatec was recognized for their innovative approach to sustainability. SmartMix is an AI platform that empowers ready-mix concrete producers to analyze data points across their operations efficiently, optimizing mixes for cost, cement usage, and CO2 emissions.

Ledcor Pipeline Ltd., CCA 2023 Excellence in Innovation Award – sponsored by Intact Surety.

For their Canadian adaption of new methodology for steep slope pipeline installation, Ledcor Pipeline Ltd. was honoured with the 2023 Excellence in Innovation Award.

Kinetic Construction, CCA 2023 Gold Seal Award – sponsored by Travelers Canada.

For their ongoing commitment to excellence and education, Kinetic was recognized with the CCA 2023 Gold Seal Award. A staunch supporter of Gold Seal since its inception, Kinetic has celebrated countless employees’ journeys to certification.

Graham Group, CCA 2023 National Safety Award – sponsored by Vipond Inc.

The 2023 CCA National Safety Award recognized the Graham Group for their outstanding overall approach to and success in the areas of health and safety. Actively Caring is one such example of a Graham program designed to cultivate a culture where people are actively looking out for others with courage and compassion.

Construction Association of Nova Scotia, CCA 2023 Partner Association Award.

CANS is the 2023 recipient of CCA’s Partner Association Award. CANS continues to focus on building a resilient, skilled and innovative future for the construction industry in Nova Scotia through education, advocacy and industry collaboration.

Dave Filipchuk, CCA 2023 Pinnacle Leader Award – sponsored by PCL Construction.

The CCA 2023 Pinnacle Leader Award recognized Dave Filipchuk. His achievements are reflected not only in his firm’s success and growth, but also in his leadership, dedication to excellence, and community contributions, which position him as an exceptional leader, partner and example to all.

Ledcor Group of Companies, CCA 2023 Workforce Excellence Award – sponsored by RAISE.

Underwriting for their ongoing efforts to continuously improve upon their employees’ experiences, and their commitment to a diverse and equitable workplace, Ledcor was presented with the CCA 2023 Workforce Excellence Award. Ledcor uses the phrase “True Blue” to describe its values-driven approach.

Ryan Davis, CCA 2023 Young Leader Award – sponsored by McMillan LLP.

Through his impressive portfolio, his dedication to continuing education and his community spirit, Ryan Davis stands as an exemplary leader in his field and was recognized with the CCA 2023 Young Leader Award.

Today’s recipients are raising the bar for the industry. Congratulations to all who were recognized for their outstanding achievements.

For more information on CCA’s National Awards, click here.

The call for nominations for next year’s awards opens this summer.

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