National Advisory Council – General Contractors (August 2021)

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August 10, 2021

2:00 PM EST

General Contractors

The sector that includes general contractors, design-builders and construction managers or functionally equivalent companies that regularly assumes the overall risk and responsibility for the construction of an entire project, under a prime contract with a property owner, tenant, or similar person, firm, government agency, or other entity.

General Contractors Advisory Council Members

  • Trevor Doucette, Chair (Graham)
  • Rodney Ackerman (Marco Group)
  • Sal Argento (CAN-CON)
  • Fabrizio Carinelli (CANA construction)
  • Peter Grose (Westland Construction)
  • Grant MacPherson (WMM 1993 Ltd)
  • Vineet Maharaj (Taranis Construction)
  • Mitch O’Reilly (Gannett Construction)
  • Frank Perricone (PerCon Construction)
  • Cory Richter (Quorex Construction)
  • Jeffrey Shantz (Melloul-Blamey Construction)
  • Vivek Tomar (Pomerleau)
  • Ben Wall (MaxGen Homes)
  • Mike Wieninger (PCL)

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