Self-assessment tools

Weigh yourself against the Gold Seal standard

The Gold Seal Certification Program uses learning professionals, industry experts and groups of volunteer industry practitioners to define the competencies of construction professionals.

Applicants are required to assess their competencies against these program standards. If an applicant does not perform some of the duties listed in the competency self-assessment by discipline tool below or are less familiar with them, they should acquire those competencies through training, research or peer discussion. Note that in order to enroll and eventually apply for their GSC, the majority of the applicant’s duties must align with the competencies listed in the self-assessment tool.

Competency self-assessment tools



Owner’s Construction Manager (OCM)    

Project Manager    

Safety Practitioner    


Credit self-assessment

This tool is intended for individuals interested in understanding how the Gold Seal Certification Program  applications are reviewed. For applicants already enrolled in the Program, the credit self-assessment tool can be used to estimate whether they have enough credits to complete their GSC application.

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