Competency assessment

Gold Seal’s standard of knowledge, skills and abilities

The Gold Seal Certification program has used adult learning professionals, industry experts and groups of volunteer industry practitioners to define the knowledge, skills and abilities that construction professionals working in Gold Seal designations should possess regardless of company discipline, size or geography. The Gold Seal exam measures the applicants against this standard. There is no guidebook to study: the candidates apply the knowledge gained over a minimum of 5 years’ experience plus the applicable training and education. 

GSC applicants are required to assess their competencies against the program standard. If you don’t perform some of the duties listed in the tool or are less familiar with them, you should acquire that competency through training, research or talking to peers. Note that in order to enroll and eventually apply for your GSC, the majority of your duties must align with the competencies listed in the self-assessment tool.

The assessment is also a great tool for those interested in enrolling in the program or Gold Seal Interns, to identify training needs to maximize their chances of succeeding in the Gold Seal exam. It can also serve as a tool for companies to evaluate potential hires or to devise individualized training plans.

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